The quality

The jewelry of Naturings are made of sterling silver. The workshops where Naturings works with, both in Europe and Asia, are specialized in small-scale work. The silver is forged there, with attention to detail and according to the designs of Naturings. In some jewelry a pearl is added, this will only be genuine freshwater pearls. In the Netherlands, the jewelry of Naturings will be inspected and stamped with a silver hallmark.


Naturings only sells jewelry made of real 925 sterling silver. This first grade silver consists of 92.5% silver. The remaining 7.5% is made up of a lower alloy, usually copper. This is necessary in order to make the ornament securely. The quality of the silver is improved, making it less likely to be damaged. 925 silver is silver of the highest quality.

The prices of the jewelry is determined by weight, the design and how much labor which must be made by the goldsmith.

The Hallmarking Act prescribes a test for silver, so that you can rest assured that you are buying a piece of jewelry of sterling silver. Therefore all jewelry Naturings include the 925 test mark. There is also in each piece the responsibility stabbing of Naturings. When the piece of jewelery has a weight less than 8 grams of a test is not required.


Pearls consist of pearl and form into oyster-like sea-shells, some freshwater mussels and sometimes even snails. They arise as a reaction to invaded foreign bodies between the shell and the jacket, or in the interior of the shell. This encapsulation creates a pearl. For jewelry Naturings uses cultured pearls, known as freshwater pearls. Nowadays, almost all freshwater pearls are cultivated pearls.