Jewelry care

Naturings jewelry are made of 925 sterling silver.
In some jewelry a pearl is used.Here's how you keep your jewelery as beautiful as possible.

Silver shine preserve

A natural property of silver is that it can oxidize (dull and black). The primary cause of oxidation is a sulfur-containing compound in the air, where the silver is responsive to. In addition, the degree of influence of air humidity, the more humid the air the faster the piece of jewelery will be black. Is affected by perspiration also oxidize. The one here has more experience than the other, because each person's perspiration is different. Alcohol, medication and diet plays a role. Finally, due detergents, perfumes, deodorants and chlorine (pool) you're jewelry quickly oxidize. 

That silver oxidize is therefore normal. You can not avoid it, when one is worse than the other, but you can keep in mind though.

By regularly wearing the jewelry you limit the degree of oxidation. If you want to store your silver jewelry for a long time, you can best store it in an airtight plastic bag. Polish the jewel when it turned black with the silver polishing cloth of Naturings. These you will receive free with your order. When silver became very black you better use a silver polish. To avoid scratches as much as possible, especially in rings and bracelets, best is to take off your jewelry when you work with your hands. 

Care of pearls

Pearls do not like soap, perfume, makeup and cleaning products. Do not wear your jewelry with pearls when you use these products. Also you better take off your pearls when you come in contact with water. While pearls come out of the water, then they do not like! If uou're not wearing the jewelry with pearls, store it properly. Preferably in a soft cloth, this will help prevent scratches.