Determine ring size

Have you seen a nice Naturings ring and don't you know what size you need to order? Use the ring size meter. 

Naturings rings are available in sizes small to extra large. 
Each size is for a given diameter of the ring in millimeters. 
If you don't know what ring size you have, you can take a well-fitting ring by yourself and print the ring size meter at the bottom of this page. 
You put your own ring on the sizes in the ring size meter to see which size is most consistent. 

A few tips for determining your ring size: 
  • the ring of yourself, which you use to compare, should be good to fit your finger at the end of the day and when you have warm hands;
  • if your ring falls between sizes, select the largest size;
  • the width of the ring you want to order in width must match the ring of yourself, to make the measurement as precisely as possible.

Would you buy a ring as a gift and you do not know the ring size you need? Try a ring from the person to whom you want to give the ring to and place on the ring size meter. If that fails, then it is good to know that the ring size of an average woman is on the ring finger size 17 (medium). 

Ring size meter

Click here to open the ring size meter as a PDF.
Print the ring size meter where you should ensure that at your printer settings "scaling" is off.
Have you printed the ring size meter, measure the control bar that is depicted on the ring size meter. 
This must be exactly 5 cm (50 mm). 
If so, the ring size is correct in print and you can continue measuring your ring.