About Naturings

The concept of Naturings's been in my head for many years, and started with a visit to the studio of Anneke Schat Amsterdam in my first year at the Vocational School for goldsmith Schoonhoven in 1992. 
I saw her jewelry collection "grass", which, as it allows councils were "blades of grass". 
Surprised that something so commonplace could be so beautiful in its simplicity has taken me this and actually never left. 

Since then I was permanently inspired by all the small and delicate what nature shows us with its shapes, colors and structures. If you just look at the tree in the street, you will be amazed how for example, that branch arises from the trunk, how the structure of the bark and how that cute moss has found its place on the southwest side of the tree (in the Benelux at least). 

After training as a goldsmith / entrepreneur I have followed the training for jeweler and master engraver at the Vakschool in Schoonhoven. After many years worked as a hand engraver in the Netherlands and Belgium, my goldsmiths roots began to itch again with this store as a result. Currently I keep myself mainly engaged in the design and quality, for the simple reason that there is unfortunately only 24 hours in a day. 

I hope I can inspire people with the collection Naturings jewelry to look at Mother Earth with a different view, because we have to take care of nature.

Show this with an ornament of Naturings because .... 
Nature never goes out of style! 

Love Daphne